Monday, December 17, 2012

What is needed in our nation

Following the tragic shootings in Newtown, CT, Facebook has been flooded with everyone's opinion and feelings.  I have read many ideas about how we can prevent this type of thing from happening again, as if we could.  Evil will always be present with us. We cannot legislate it away.

I must say, however, that I am tired of seeing all the "We need prayer back in public schools" or even Mike Huckabee's latest comments that "we've systematically marginalized God out of our culture by removing Him from all aspects of the public square."  Are we Christians really so powerless?  It is utter nonsense!  We have a power far greater than anything this world knows-the Holy Spirit.  We still live in a country where we are allowed in the public square and allowed to speak about God and show his love.  The problem is, for the most part, we Christians have marginalized ourselves.  We are content to sit in our pews (or chairs, depending on your church's set up) and lament with one another about the passing of the old days.  Wake up, Christians!  We are the ones who are failing.  We say, "America needs God."  Do you not know, we are the Body of Christ?  Go, therefore, and be the Body.  Preach the Good News.  Heal the sick.  Love the outcast.

And who cares if our 'rights' are eroded?  If, indeed, our nation enacts laws prohibiting us from speaking the gospel, I would refer you to the words of Jesus and Paul.  Rejoice, and, again, I say rejoice!  Count it a privilege to suffer for the Kingdom of God.  May we be willing to do what it takes to heal a hurting world even if it costs us our lives.  THAT is the power of the Holy Spirit.